Corbett’s Corner

Lied to Again

During my race for Maine Senate, I had a side agreement with my opponent.  I said, “Henry, if I win the election I will take you out to lunch.”  He said, “I will do the same.”  We even set a place and time.  However, he failed to keep his word. I even told him in the future I will be available and he never made good on his promise.  I call that a Lie.

Duty to Perform

In Maine and America, we need to change the way we fight crime. Presently, we expect the police to be the professional crime fighters, so when we “see something, we say something.” Therefore, well- meaning citizens are willing to record video, call the police or just stay out of criminal incidents all together.

Criminal and Civil Justice Reform

I have invested a good part of my life in the Criminal Justice System.  This includes education from the University of Maine with a Bachelor of Science in Vocational Technology (Law enforcement), and a Masters of Public Administration and Masters of Justice Administration from Golden Gate University (The university would only give one degree, but I completed the coursework for two degrees). I am a graduate of a number of different schools from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy.

My Endorsements

During my campaign for the Maine State Senate, I have received many questionnaires from various groups, requesting that I fill them out. Frankly, I have been overwhelmed. Some are very long and tedious. They arrive either in the mail or through email with deadlines to complete. Due to the volume and required deadlines, I have had to let some of them pass by.

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