During my campaign for the Maine State Senate, I have received many questionnaires from various groups, requesting that I fill them out. Frankly, I have been overwhelmed. Some are very long and tedious. They arrive either in the mail or through email with deadlines to complete. Due to the volume and required deadlines, I have had to let some of them pass by. 

However, I have received endorsements from some groups and I will keep adding to the list of my endorsements as they arrive. I am thankful for organizations that have gotten behind me. This means that I see issues the same way they do. However, I work for all the Citizens of District 32, for they are my boss. As your State Senator, I pledge to listen to you, assist you in any way possible and to be accessible to you.

I have been endorsed by the following individuals or organizations or received an A rating from them:

  • Senator Jeff Timberlake, Minority Leader in the Maine Senate
  • The Board of Directors of the Maine Association of Realtors
  • The Sportsman Alliance of Maine
  • The Maine Christian Civic League
  • Gun Owners of Maine

Additional endorsements are welcome. Please send them by U.S. Mail, so hard copies can be kept as proof of endorsement.

Rev. David Corbett
Maine State Senate District 32
City of Biddeford, Towns of Arundel, Lyman, Dayton, and Hollis

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