The coat of Arms for the State of Maine is seen on the Maine State Flag. Two individuals appear on our flag, the farmer and seaman. The seaman demonstrates our reliance on the sea, our large sea coast, and our fishing industry. In particular our lobster industry which is valued at about 725 million dollars.

I have been a lobster man owning my own boat, traps, and fishing out of Saco, Maine. So I become offend and annoyed when I hear bureaucrats out of Washington D.C., who don’t know a bow from a stern, try to tell us how to fish.  They think a right whale may be injured. Please supply me with the evidence! Maine was “red listed” from NBC News. Take note at who “RED LISTED” the lobster. Some activist organization from the Monterey Bay Aquarium in CALIFORNIA! Here we have a state on the complete opposite side of the nation attempting to tank the Maine lobster industry. This sort of thing is infuriating! Then, upon this incident, comes a business operating right here in Maine that declares they are not going to sell lobsters. These insults should anger all of us.  What are we to do? VOTE!

We can also send a new Congressman, Ed Thelander, to Washington, to take on the bureaucrats who want to hurt Maine. There should be no laws or rules made without them being approved by our Congressional representatives. Maine has rights and the Federal Government is trying to take away these rights!

Second, we can send David Corbett to the Maine Senate, where he will defend the Lobster industry and take on organizations that want to injury the Maine economy. We should not take a “broadside” from the retail industry and do nothing! I hear anger by our present Democratic Governor and Democratic Senator, yet I see no action. (You do know we have a Democrat Senator, don’t you?) In the Maine legislature, I will introduce legislation to bring sanctions against any Maine business that desires to hurt our economy. In this case I am talking about our lobster industry. 

Third, I would think that our new Governor Paul LePage will also get into the “bait barrel” and trap the bureaucrats in both Washington and Augusta, as well as the foolish retail industries that want to hurt us. I expect him to turn this “Ship of State” in favor of the Lobster Industry.

Friends, there is a right way and a wrong way to address what happens in Maine. The wrong way is what the bureaucrats in Washington, out-of-state retail businesses and NBC News have already done.  The right way is to vote for people who will take on the problems we face and fix them for the good of Mainers. We should put Maine first. That is what this election is all about!

Friends, vote Republican this election, even if you are a member of the other Party. This election is all about “the economy, stupid.”  For almost fifty years the Democrats have been in charge in Maine and we have what we have. I say, no more! 

In Maine, you can vote as early as October 11th this year. Just go to your City or Town hall. No resident should be absent this election, unless you want your ship to sink!

Rev. David Corbett
Maine Senate Candidate
District 32 (Biddeford, Arundel, Dayton, Lyman, Hollis)

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