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I am endorsing David Corbett for State Senate District 32. Most of Dave’s adult life has been in public service and we can trust his judgement. Dave has served as a Saco police officer and union president, Biddeford police officer, as a deputy for the York County Sheriff’s office and a Corrections Officer. He has served as a Court Mediator and Criminal Justice Professor. Dave’s record of serving the public in these esteemed professions is a testimony (by the many who installed him) that Dave is properly judicious and discerning in what is “just.” We can trust David Corbett to strongly support local law enforcement. Dave will work to improve our court system, which when dysfunctional is an injustice to all of us.

I first met Dave about 20 years ago, he and his wife Sylvia extended their home on Kennebunk Pond for baptism of myself, my family members and congregants of my church. Since I’ve known him, Dave has been an ordained Pastor, again further evidence of the highest trust placed in him. He is serving now as Pastor at Oak Ridge Bible Church. ‘Serve’ is the operative word, because there is no fame or fortune. As a Bible-believing Christian, Dave understands that certain individual rights do not come from government, rather we get those rights from our Creator God, and as stated in our US Constitution. When it comes to a representative, I can’t think of a trait more necessary than the understanding that he/she is accountable to the God of the Bible.

I don’t want to return to life as it was a year ago (before the looming mid-term elections). When small businesses were ordered closed while the mega-giants were permitted open. When restaurant owners were forced to take losses on spoiled foods, plexiglass, tents, etc. etc. When the tourist industry was slowed to a fraction. A time when outlawed were gatherings for weddings, church services, concerts, sporting events and anything greater than 10. Let’s not go back to mask mandates which restrict our very right to breathe freely and which wrecked-havoc with our kids in schools and day cares. I don’t want to return to a time, when under threat with job loss and loss of other rights, of experimental vaccine mandates that violate the conscience of so many people, vaccines with purported harmful side effects. I don’t want to return to a time when the majority party shut down the State legislature, denied dialogue, denied speech keeping the voices of opposition censured far away in order to sustain a controversial State of Emergency. Did she use bail-out fiat money from DC and take credit for it when sending us $850 checks?

We need change in Augusta. We can trust David Corbett to protect young impressionable children and to protect parent’s rights over controlling busy-bodies who have no business indoctrinating our kids the way they do, teaching things that are inappropriate for their age and which contradict the values of so many families. We can trust David Corbett to stand up for the ‘little guy’ with a beating heart. We can trust David Corbett to protect the harvesting of what is abundant and sustainable supply of seafood in our vast North Atlantic waters. We can trust that David Corbett would not vote to shut down the legislature, dialogue and freedom of speech. We can trust David Corbett would not support other shut downs, facemasks and mandatory experimental vaccines. We can trust David Corbett does not view his fellow man and women as a cosmic accident and infestation on a fragile planet, but rather each individual as special and the purpose of God’s creation. We can trust David Corbett will not ‘roll over’ to those who claim to “own the science.” We can trust David Corbett will be astute with how tax payers’ money is spent, and he pledges to work to lower our taxes and electric bills, I believe him. Please vote with me David Corbett State Senate District 32. Thank you.

Jim Rousseau Sr.
Biddeford Community Leader

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