In Maine and America, we need to change the way we fight crime. Presently, we expect the police to be the professional crime fighters, so when we “see something, we say something.” Therefore, well- meaning citizens are willing to record video, call the police or just stay out of criminal incidents all together.

As a police officer, my duty was to rush toward the victim and render aid.  However, that should be the duty of all of us! Hence, crime would decrease and offenders would be taken off the streets. In law enforcement, there is a program called “Community Policing”. The police become the community and the community becomes the police. This way of thinking must replace the “crime fighter” mentality. In the case of George Floyd, he would not have died if the community had become involved. In that case, the first line of defenders for him were the police officers, who did not act to preserve his life.

Therefore, Maine needs to implement several changes in the “law enforcement community” including:

  • A stand-your-ground policy
  • The Castle Doctrine, where the intruder of your home may have deadly force used against him (U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul Pelosi could have used this legal protection during their recent home invasion).
  • The Castle Doctrine needs to be extended to include businesses and vehicles.
  • If you or another person are about to be the victim of a crime, get involved and stop it. We all have a duty to perform to help one another. Remember on 9/11, the heroes on one of the planes prevented another national treasure from destruction!
  • In the stores, if you see a shoplifter, make a citizen’s arrest.
  • New legislation should require the courts to perform their duties swiftly! The imposition of penalties against the offender should not be delayed and in many cases, informal probation through the local police agency, could unclog the courts and set matters straight. 
  • Citizens have an absolute right for self-defense including use of deadly force, when justified. Upon good police investigation, the District Attorney needs to stay out of it!
  • New legislation must be enacted to prevent the criminal from suing. In fact, the laws should require the criminal to pay for damages to the defender and his property.  His remuneration should be three times the damage he caused. One third should go to repair the damages, one third should go to compensate the citizen who performed the good deed, and one third to the court for services.
  • Maine has a Constitutional Carry law enabling citizens have the right to carry a firearm, and it should be used if necessary.
  • Citizens will need to be trained and legislation adopted to insure the proper use of force. Training should be offered by the Sheriff of each County without cost.  Firearms training should also be given not only to know how to use a gun, but WHEN to use a gun.
  • There should be no gun-free zones in our schools. Teachers, administrators and staff should be encouraged to carry guns, after having the proper training. This will stop school shootings and threats to our schools. 

What I am saying will make our schools, homes, places of business and communities safer.

Remember, a gun in hand is better than a police officer on the phone. These views may offend some; however, you lack the historical background regarding what our forefathers did to stop crime. For starters, may I suggest two great books: the Holy Bible and More Guns, Less Crime.

It takes all of us the make a community safe. It starts with electing the right people to office and movement toward a new way of thinking about community safety. It requires action by all of us, not just the police. Together, we can stop crime!

Rev. David Corbett
Maine Senate Candidate District 32 (Biddeford, Arundel, Dayton, Lyman, Hollis)

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