Captain Dave’s Nautical School


David Corbett grew up around the water.  His father and mother were determined the he would learn how to swim because at least two family members drowned.  Therefore, he was given swimming and boating lessons by the American Red Cross, and was exposed to boating as well.


Over the years he has:

  • Received his WSI (Water Safety Instructor) from the American Red Cross
  • Become a Captain with the United States Coast Guard and would take groups deep sea fishing in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Become the owner of sail boats and a lobster boat
  • Taught swimming classes to small and large groups
  • Became a college instructor teaching swimming

He has also been:

  • Active in criminal justice in York County and a college professor
  • A candidate for Maine State Senate District 32

He is presently a clergyman, serving as the current pastor of Oak Ridge Bible Church in Biddeford.


  • Classes in boating: For sailboats, canoe, kayak, row boats.  Classes include safety, rescue and vessel handling. At the end of classes, students should be confident in handling boats and enjoying the water.
  • Classes in swimming: Classes are offered to those who fear the water, through the development of life saving skills. Beginners, through these skills, are taught water safety, rather than fearing the the water. Their skills are based on their ability.

Classes are taught at Kennebunk Pond in Lyman, Maine

  • Classes are taught during the months of June-September.
  • The hours taught are dependent upon the availability of students.
  • Classes are taught according to age group, including adult classes.
  • Class length is one hour.

Cost for classes for 2023:

  • Class size: one (1) to five (5) students.
  • One hour of instruction is $50.00 for one (1) Student.
  • The cost for a group of five (5) students, for one (1) hour instruction is $10.00 per student.
  • If students desire to continue the use of facilities after instruction, the cost is $20.00 per hour, per student.
  • There is a one (1) hour minimum and three (3) hour maximum class time.

For Reservations or questions call:

  • Captain Dave at 207-286-7378
  • Click HERE to download, print-out and mail in your application to Captain Dave’s Nautical School

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