One vote for each voter is the American way.  Unfortunately, there is fraud in the voting system in America. We hear rumors that people voted several times, or that ballot boxes have been stuffed, or that “dead people” have voted.

Mainers need to know that their votes will not be watered down by election fraud. Our Founding Fathers left voting oversight and regulation to the States, not the Federal government. Therefore, it is up to the State Legislatures to ensure that we have fair elections.

During the 2020 election, there is no doubt of election fraud. We have seen videos of clerks closing down the counting process and then removing ballots from under the tables, only to continue counting them. We also saw truck drivers claiming they brought truckloads of ballots to polling places, as well as people stuffing drive-up ballot boxes during the early morning hours. Finally, we saw the January 6 incident in Washington D.C., which was a direct result of what Americans believed had been the occurrence of voter fraud. If you want to see evidence of this voter fraud for yourself, please watch the movie documentary 2000 Mules; the evidence is there!  Let me be clear: I know of no voter fraud in Maine and the clerks in my home town of Lyman do a great job!  However, it is the responsibility of the State Legislature to safeguard our voting process and as your Senator for District 32, I pledge to sponsor legislation to do just that!

Therefore, I propose to:

  • Require a picture ID to be shown at the polling place.  This is easy to accomplish, because voters can show a driver’s license or State ID, which already exist. Simply put, voters just need to show an ID!
  • Each voter registration card from the Maine Secretary of State’s office will contain a phone number.
  • Each voter registration card will also contain an email address.
  • At the voting polls, the clerks can view the picture ID, and then confirm the voter’s identity with the email address and phone number provided.
  • Clerks will be prohibited from mailing ballots to households who have requested them in the past. The requests must be for the current election only!
  • Ballot drop boxes will be eliminated.
  • Complaints of voter fraud will be investigated by the local County Sheriff’s Department.
  • Punishments for voting fraud will be increased, based upon the degree of fraud, to include a felony charge. It is time to take voter fraud SERIOUSLY with regard the sanctity of the voting process, to insure that each vote counts.

If you want to help STOP election fraud, vote for David Corbett for State Senate District 32 (the city of Biddeford, as well as the towns of Arundel, Lyman, Dayton, and Hollis). In the meantime, tell your friends to vote for me, ask me for a yard sign, contribute $5.00 to my Clean Elections campaign and finally request a rear window sticker to show your support.  Remember in this election, friends don’t let friends vote for Democrats. Why? Because Democrats are OPPOSED to Voter ID. Democrats have given us the status quo and we need a different direction!

Rev. David Corbett
Maine Senate Candidate
District 32 (Biddeford, Arundel, Dayton, Lyman, Hollis)

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